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Summit Panthers

Your Morning Checklist:

  1. If you don't know your schedule, click the Student Portal button at the top of this page and log in.

  2. Check your messages in Schoology and Gmail

  3. Go to your ADVISEMENT class in Schoology

  4. Join the Google Meet by 8:00 am (MS) or 8:30 am (HS) 

Middle School Weekly Schedule

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Senior News


Saturday May 22, 2021

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Summit Academy


Steps to take BEFORE Senior Check Out Day

Senior Check Out Day: Wednesday, May 19th anytime between 9am and 3pm




  1. Complete your Senior Exit survey BEFORE you come to Senior Check Out day.  

You will be required to go home and complete your Senior Exit survey and then come back if you come on Senior Check Out Day without this complete.

Instructions on how to complete your Senior Exit Survey:

  1. Log into your DPS Student Portal

  2. Click on “See All Apps” in the top left hand corner between Home and Portal Support

  3. Scroll down a little and click on “MaiaLearning”

  4. Under “Activities and Tasks” and “Surveys” choose “Senior Exit Survey”

  5. Complete and Submit ALL 15 QUESTIONS of the Senior Exit Survey

  1. Bring your DPS computer, charging cord, and hotspot, if applicable.  There are only 5 seniors without devices so most of you will need to turn in devices! 


*If you do not need your devices between now and senior check out, you are welcome to coordinate with Mrs. Bravo to return them beforehand.  If not, no worries, please just plan to bring them on check out day.


*Class of 2022 early graduates: you will keep your devices for next school year so you will NOT need to bring them on Senior Check Out Day.


Optional but Recommended:


  1. Although you can pay any student fees owed on Senior Check Out Day, it is best to do this beforehand, if possible.  Please reach out to Ms. Stansel at 720-424-2407 or to pay fees.  All fees must be paid before you are permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.


Please let Mrs. Bravo know if you have any questions!

Parent-Teacher Home Visits

Here are some pictures of Summit staff and families during virtual home visits this year. It's been very motivating learning more about our students' hopes and dreams.


Last week was National "No Name Calling Week" which is a week organized to end name-calling and bullying in schools around the nation. This week also signifies disrupting anti-LGBTQ+ harassment and bullying. This heart visual represents the student and staff names who signed a virtual pledge to not bully other students, to not use harmful/hurtful language, to intervene if they safely can if someone is being called names, and to support efforts to end bullying and name calling. Thank you, Summit students & staff!

NNCW Word Cloud.png

La semana pasada fue la "Semana Nacional de No Insultos", que es una semana organizada para poner fin a los insultos y el acoso en las escuelas de todo el país. Esta semana también significa interrumpir el acoso y la intimidación anti-LGBTQ +. Esta imagen del corazón representa los nombres de los estudiantes y el personal que firmaron un compromiso virtual de no intimidar a otros estudiantes, no usar lenguaje dañino / hiriente, intervenir si pueden hacerlo de manera segura si alguien está siendo insultado y apoyar los esfuerzos para terminar con el acoso y los insultos. . ¡Gracias, estudiantes y personal de Summit!